Yokohama automaker records 99% profit lose and on border of losing 12,500 workers

Nissan motor company who are the core producer of yokohama products, made us know that  job losses in the company after recording 99% cut in profit, which are caused by old vehicle lineup and low market sales in European country. Yokohama automaker records 99% profit lose and on border of losing 12,500 workers

Yokohama Company made us to understand  that they about to lose 12,500 jobs in the manufacturing company worldwide, the Nissan Company are bitter of losing about tenth of their tireless workers which exceeds 4,800 reduces in May.

The reduction record are beginning to hurt Nissan company, remembering the arrest of former president Carlos Ghosn back in November based on financial problem which hit a decade lows that affected the Japanese company in production on international basis.

After many years of successful sales with much profit, Nissan Company is struggling to convince masses to buy their cars, Nissan is fighting on rebuilding its name brand and focus on welcoming customers because the rate of they sells is now low.

“It is really absurd,” Endo said “management is disorganized; the company is finding its shape sooner, the company inflated massively during the regime of Carlos Ghosn.” It is painful to see Yokohama automaker records 99% profit lose and on border of losing 12,500 workers

The company income reduce from 13% to 2.37 trillion yen, the lowest it has drop since a decade ago, Nissan sold out 1.23 million cars in the quarter, a decrease of 6% which is not encouraging.

Nissan company also issue that there will be cut in production by 10% in 2022 and reduce product pileup by 10% to current product competition.

The radical job cut was as a result of restructuring which the former chairman did in 2000s to save the company from bankruptcy and at 2008 world fiscal problem. The yokohama automaker track back in may for operating income of 230 billion yen on income of 11.3 trillion yen.

The pressing problem will make the world wonder if the current chief officer hiroto saikawa is the right person to guide the company through their struggles to survive as a company.

Nissan which has a cycle variety of aging model vehicle lineup gets statistics of vehicle sales drop in usa drop 15% in June, getting the reduction of 8.2% this year . supplies in china dropped 0.3% in half the year whereby the Japanese company shares fell 2.1% in Tokyo before the statistics was  out, they have fallen 13% in 2019 following 22% reduction  in 2018.

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