Strategies On How to get more work done in a day

Having more work done every day is really something we do underrate which is not good, some do, some don’t, it really depends on the person, his drive and perseverance towards what he or she is doing. How to get more work done in a day, than most people do in a week is something you have to be inquisitive about and which will be learning that in this platform.

Now just  take a minute, think about your day. Start from the moment you started work, to the moment you are through for the day.

New research has disclosed that the average UK office worker is only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes out of the working day.

That’s really shocked you right?.

Yes, I know. So in this post, I would be dropping tips on How to get more work done in a day than most people do in a week or even more than


If you are serious about getting work done, then timing should be an actual point you should take seriously.          Like everyone says timing is everything. which is actually true

A good first step to start this is to create a personalized routine that coincides with when you are at your best each day. Not every routine work for various individual. So what works for Stanley might not work for you. You know your self, and you are the only person capable of creating the perfect daily routine for yourself and when this is done, you will see some improvement.

You probably have a fair good sense of the time of day when you are most productive, targeted or energetic.
Most people are productive in the early hours of the day while some are not. They do more, work better and get a lot done before midday approaches.

Now you’re done making a daily routine every morning due to your schedule for the day, then its up to you to follow it and you will see some improvement.


Take Break when necessary

You are guaranteed  to grow weary and lose focus if you sit behind a desk or stare at a screen for eight hours or more. Research has shown that short breaks taken regularly resulted in a 26% improvement in focus, this method helps us maintain focus throughout the workday.’ It’s critical to take breaks and let your brain rest after a long session of work before you can continue with the task.

When you break to refresh for new tasks, you’ll come back recharged and ready to achieve greater efficiency and you will see yourself excelling.

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